Eat More Plants.


I made chocolate cream pie last night so that I could eat it all day today (fat day). I let myself have one day each week to pig out. It really helps so that I get all my junk food cravings in and I’m not wishing for it all week long. It’s good for your metabolism as well because it keeps you from plateauing. That is always a big problem for me when ever I’m trying to lose a few pounds. I’ll start off great but then plateau after losing 5 pounds and I’ve found that by having a cheat day it really keeps me losing weight more steadily. Everyone’s body works differently, it’s nice to have figured mine out. Only took me like 28 years lol….

So let me just get one thing straight before I’m off to read myself to sleep…
I have always taken pictures of my baking and cooking and posted them on whatever stupid social network I’m using. So all this nonsense about everyone being super annoying by posting a picture of every crumb they’re eating on instagram, well, I need to remove myself from that group. Baking has always been an art form for me and in the past 10 years cooking has become as well. I do have to agree that it is annoying when people post a blurry, poorly lit picture of the egg mcmuffin they ate for breakfast. I mean you have to draw the line somewhere, right?

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