Eat More Plants.

Help, don’t hurt.

I have a real problem with the way some PETA people and animal activists go about their preaching. I could care less what you believe in and what you do in your own home, but when you’re trying to shove your beliefs down others’ throats in a patronizing and demeaning way…please think about it first.

Scolding does not help.

Instead of constantly scolding and saying what you think people shouldn’t be doing, why not show and say examples of what you could do. Showing these disturbing images gets attention, yes. But how about trying something different? Meat consumption hasn’t decreased at all since the birth of PETA and other groups like it. Maybe what they’re doing isn’t working as well as they hoped…

The generalizations they make is what kills me the most. To say that every meat eater is an abuser and a bad person just isn’t true. My hens roam free. They eat organic and whatever, whenever they want. They are not harmed in anyway. They are happily doing what they would be doing in the wild. There is no coaxing involved, no training, no forcefulness. And they have a warm, clean place to sleep every night.

There are farmers out there they make a living on dairy farms or meat farms and they do it with honor and nobility. No hormones, no pesticides, no cages, no antibiotics. There are those few good people left in the world. And to the money hungry corporations that make them look bad, shame on you.

I live in a state that people still hunt and trap to feed and provide for their families. It still goes on. Sure they could go to a grocery store and buy some processed, packaged meat but they know better. How do you think we got where we are today? Did our ancestors have a whole foods to go and buy some hexane produced fake meat from for dinner? Nope. Had to fend for themselves.

Let’s try and be a little more civil about this.

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