Eat More Plants.


I’m a little surprised at the reaction that people have been having to the changes on instagram. I mean do you really think that out of the BILLIONS of photos on instagram, they’re going to choose yours to “sell”? I doubt it.

And it’s pretty clear that they’re not going to be straight up posting your face on the side of a bus for profit. Instagram was bought by Facebook, which does the same thing with your photos. Did we all conveniently forget that Facebook does this before we became so appalled? Interesting.

Instagram is a free app. A public photo sharing app. They will be using users content to make money from advertising, mainly. Our pictures are not for sale. They are not becoming property of instagram. They are using each persons content to make instagram better.

And yes, I deleted my Facebook this past summer and no I won’t be reactivating it any time soon…

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