Eat More Plants.

Portobello No-meatballs.


This is my new favorite meal (or snack depending on what you pair with it). It’s SO simple to make! Which honestly is not always important to me when it comes to recipes but if it’s simple and delicious then why not? You could pair this with some pasta or quinoa and it would be enough for dinner. By themselves with some dipping sauce, it’s perfect as a snack.

All I did was grate 2 large portobello caps into a bowl and mix in about 1/2 a cup of panko breadcrumbs. I also mixed in some black pepper and garlic powder. To make these dense enough to stick in a ball shape, you need to squeeze a handful of the mixture until all the water comes out and then shape into a ball. Mushrooms have a lot of water content. The water will soak into the panko and make it possible for them to hold their shape. Then roll them in a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt. You could pan fry these but I find the less you have to toss them around the better they stay in tact. So I baked these for 10 minutes at 375, or just until they get slightly crisp on the outside.

So good.

I could eat these everyday! And I’m sure you could use an assortment of mushrooms for a different flavor, I just happened to have portobellos on hand.

2 Responses to “Portobello No-meatballs.”

  1. krrichar

    MMM these look good, wonder if I could sub Quinoa to hold them together well enough (I cook gluten free).

    PS sorry for the comment burst, just creepin your blog! haha


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