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Shirataki Noodle Fail.

The verdict is in on the shirataki noodles.

Thumbs down.

I feel kind of disappointed because I was hoping for them to be a nice pasta substitute. Definitely not for me. The texture was way too jelly like and unlike the kelp noodles that I love, they had a funky smell and taste to then that I was not expecting. The kelp noodles are so wonderfully neutral and really go with everything. I ate half of them but I really couldn’t stomach the rest. Oh well, on to the next…

On a positive note, I made totally amazing non-meat balls! I shredded a few portobello mushrooms and mixed it with panko breadcrumbs, squeezed the mixture really tightly into balls shapes and pan fried them in a little olive oil. After cooking them for 5 minutes, I added some balsamic, salt and pepper to the pan and covered it to let them steam and soak up the flavors. Also made a sundried tomato and walnut pesto for dipping. Redeemed my taste buds from the shirataki noodles. Lol.



I realized that there are different types of these shirataki noodles; some made with tofu and some without. I had bought the soy-free ones…maybe the tofu kind are better? I don’t eat tofu so I don’t plan on trying them but i just wanted to clarify that.

3 Responses to “Shirataki Noodle Fail.”

  1. krrichar

    Do you ever try Raw Zucchini spiraled or cut with a mandoline into Noodly shapes?? I find them to be an amazing substitute! I’m not a fan of cooked Zucchini, but the raw form seems to be a nice vessel for w/e flavorings you want to add.

    • foodfashionfarm

      Yes!! That’s actually one of my favorite ways to eat zucchini, I have a nice, cheap little julienne peeler to do that to my veggies. I’m looking for a good spiralizer though…seems to be useful on more veggies than the peeler. I’m not a huge fan of cooked zuke either, I think it’s gets too mushy.

  2. krrichar

    Ya, mushy and it also tastes a bit bitter to me when cooked. Especially the longer you cook it.

    I use my Mandolin on the julienne as well! I only know about the spiralizer from a friend who cooks strictly raw. The mandoine definitely isn’t the safest… (my bare fingers get dangerously close to those blades….) haha.


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