Eat More Plants.

I’ve had a hard time bringing cooked food back into my diet. I honestly didn’t think it would be so difficult…Quinoa and lentils are my staple hot foods, regardless of eating vegan or not, and besides some roasted veggies I really haven’t cooked much else (for myself). I found some shirataki noodles and quinoa pasta at the co-op and I’m a little (very?) excited about it. I also found a really good vegan mac & cheese recipe. I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for mac & cheese and if it’s somewhat healthy, well even better! I’m totally obsessed with the raw brownies I made the other day. I finally finished them this morning for breakfast. Time to make more! I found a great recipe for raw carrot cake which I’m planning in making tomorrow…yum. I fell in love with the abundance of creativity there is in all the raw food recipes and websites. There are so many wonderful resources online, better than any vegan cookbooks I’ve found. The problem I have with most vegan cookbooks is that they all seem to want to replace dairy and meat with tofu, which I don’t eat. I don’t think eating tofu or trying to replace everything in your diet with tofu is particularly healthy. I don’t drink soy milk either, only nut milks. The raw cookbooks I have are great but a lot of recipes call for a dehydrator which I don’t have and I’m not really sure I’m going to invest in…we’ll see. The one thing I am going to buy for myself for Christmas is a spiralizer. It seems to be easier to use on certain veggies than the julienne peeler.

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