Eat More Plants.

The Juice is Loose.


My Nana may not completely understand veganism but she sure does understand being healthy. She got me a juicer for Christmas! I’ve used it twice a day every day so far. I’m in love. My favorite creations so far have been blackberry, kumquat, apple and carrot, celery, cucumber, honey dew. It’s the easiest way to pack an insane amount of nutrients into one glass! Even my semi-veggie-picky daughter has been asking for me to make her juice first thing in the morning. Not to mention that she’s seeing exactly what’s going into her juice and she’s still loving it. I put kale and watercress into her apple/ orange juice this morning and she drank it without complaint.


This has been what I’ve dealing with lately…it snowed about a foot in the middle of the week and it’s been snowing since 10 this morning and still hasn’t stopped (it’s 4:30 now lol). The snow and I haven’t really been the best of friends over the years but I’ve learned to appreciate it (somewhat). It is unbelievably beautiful when it’s fresh, clean and pristine. It becomes treacherous for me since I live high up on a mountain. It could be raining in town but by the time I climb the mountain road to my house it’s usually turned to snow. Or if it’s supposed to snow 6 inches at sea level it usually means a foot at my house. By the time the end of February comes I’m usually ready for spring. And the end of February is no where near the end of winter in Vermont. There’s also an extra season in Vermont: mud season. It comes in between winter and spring. The lovely time of year that you can harvest sap from the sugar maples is also the time of year that the ground thaws in the day time and freezes at night. Which is how we’re able to get the sap to run out of the trees; the constant thawing and freezing. It turns all the dirt roads into a deep, thick, slippery mud. It’s almost easier driving in the snow! Ha.

The hard, brutal winters make the spring/ summer/ fall months so much more enjoyable. I don’t think I’d ever be able to move down south (or to California) solely for that reason. I love the feeling of being refreshed and reborn when spring blooms and the buds show their faces after being in hibernation for all those snowy months.

So one last thing…

Another instagram/ blogger friend has called for a 14 day raw food challenge starting January 1st! I’m excited for this. Feel free to join in if you’re up for it!

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