Eat More Plants.

Ringing in the New Year Raw.


Celery, carrot, apple & ginger juice.

I’m starting off 2013 raw. Another raw food challenge, this time 14 days! However, I’m doing 80% raw instead of 100% like I did last month. I’ll most likely cook some lunch and do everything else raw. Reason being I lost 10 pounds last month and most of it during my 10 day raw food binge. I really can’t afford to lose another 10 pounds. I’m going to try and do quinoa & corn pasta with nooch sauce for some extra calories. I posted the faux cheese sauce before, it’s a great way to add some healthy calories!


One of my favorite raw food dishes are these brownies. So simple to prepare and I could eat it everyday. I made them last time layered with apple and starfruit. This time just some sour currants and they went together perfectly.

2 Responses to “Ringing in the New Year Raw.”

  1. nubbly

    My advice for u is to use the mobile app “cronometer” and write in what u eat. U need to eat at least 2000-3000 calories a day. Have u read about 80-10-10 diet? eat lots of bananas, grapes, oranges ans dates. Dates and bananas contain lots of calories. Eat less nuts and more carbohydrates.

    • foodfashionfarm

      Thanks for your input! Yes, I have read about 80/10/10. For my body and digestive system in particular, I need to eat more vegetables and lentils than that diet suggests. I feel great after eating veggies so I know my body needs them. I make a smoothie every morning with dates, bananas & almond milk! I use dates in almost all of my raw desserts as well. It’s hard for me to follow a diet like that because I’ve studied nutrition from a young age and also worked for a nutritionist in a hospital and I pretty much know exactly what my body needs by now. Not that I don’t think it’s healthy but I think it should be modified to better fit individuals, as with any diet!


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