Eat More Plants.


I’ve taken almost every vegetarian and vegan cookbook out from the library over the past year and 90% of them SUCK. Not trying to be a bitch but I mean really…I’m trying to keep my food exciting…

The best resources I’ve found are all online. And I’ve gotten requests for a cookbook of all my recipes and ideas before so I’m wondering…is there some kind of invisible barrier that keeps the good stuff from leaving the internet? Lol. I dunno. I just can’t believe that there are publishers out there that publish such crap! They must not be vegan in order to let this shit fly. Seriously.

So yea, I’ve been compiling stuff and sorting everything I make into categories when I have free time. Which is never. So basically I haven’t done anything.

Ok you try having 19 chickens, 7 dogs, a house and 50 acres and tell me how much free time you have…

No I’m lying though, I’ve actually typed out a few recipes on my iphone in the little notepad but I really need to get my butt into gear! I’m going to print out my favorite food photos first and that will be my starting point. I’d like to dedicate one wall in my kitchen to my food photos.

So here goes…!

2 Responses to “Cookbook?”

    • foodfashionfarm

      Well, too many to list but at least 10 a month for the past year. One of my main gripes was that they all seemed to be tofu based and I’m not a big tofu eater. Occasionally sure it’s fine, but I’m not trying to replace all dairy and meat with tofu. And a lot of the food was just boring! Maybe I’m expecting too much?! Or my friends recipes are just super creative…? Lol.


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