Eat More Plants.

Blood Orange & Red Onions.


I made a few different salads for lunch, this being my favorite.

I love when so few ingredients create such dynamic flavors.

Salty, sweet and acidic.

[I guess if you had an avocado lying around you could add it to mellow out the flavors but I really enjoy the acidity of this simple salad.]

Thinly slice half of a small red onion.
Pour 1/4 c rice vinegar into a bowl and place the onions in. Sprinkle 1/4 t sea salt on them and toss to coat. Set aside for at least 20 minutes at room temperature.
Slice the top and bottom off of 3 or 4 blood oranges and then carefully cut from top to bottom, taking off the skin and the bitter pith but leaving the fruit intact. Then slice rounds out of the fruit and lay them on a large plate.
Place your onions on top and sprinkle the whole salad with another 1/4 t of sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Basil would be a nice addition here! I couldn’t find any organic so I didn’t buy it…I might start a few seeds so I can have some growing fresh on my kitchen window sill. I bought a beautiful lavender plant and plan on making some lavender lemonade soon…!

Recipe from my 2009 Food & Wine Cookbook.

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