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Daikon Fettucini.


A few years ago for my birthday, I went to Morimoto’s restaurant in the Chelsea Market area of Manhattan. It was beautiful inside; lavish and lush. Glass bottle art from floor to ceiling. A great bar area hidden away below the main floor. I loved it.

On our way out, I bought Morimoto’s cookbook. I use it every now and then, not just for the recipes but for inspiration. It’s a wonderful book explaining a lot of his techniques and history.

This dish I made was inspired by his daikon fettucini dish. In his recipe he makes a tomato basil sauce, but since I’m going for a raw food approach I used my juicer for some help.

I juiced a golden beet and three carrots. The color was sublime! I let the daikon noodles soak for about 20 minutes in the mixture and they looked amazing after plating. The color is a beautiful golden orange.

To make the fettucini:
Peel a daikon root (which is a large, Japanese radish). Then with a swivel-head type peeler, peel the radish from one end to the other to create long, pasta-like strips.
Place your finished ‘noodles’ gently in a bowl of warm, salted water while you make your juice.
Juice a few carrots, I don’t peel them because they’re organic, and a large golden beet, unpeeled as well but thoroughly scrubbed.
Add some white pepper, garlic powder and if you have nutritional yeast, it wouldn’t hurt to whisk some in as well.
After plating the daikon I sprinkled some hemp hearts and watercress on top.
You can really go in any direction with this recipe once you make your daikon noodles. Any combination of veggies will go great! Make sure you salt the daikon sufficiently while it’s soaking, to soften and season it, if you’re not going to cook them. I didn’t cook mine and I really enjoyed the crunchy texture.

3 Responses to “Daikon Fettucini.”

  1. krrichar

    Love this, been looking for an excuse to buy a daikon for a while, they’re amazing. Never considered them like this. Definitely going to try it.

  2. RebeccaKathryn

    I literally bought a daikon the other day as I’m trying to eat a food I’ve never eaten before once a week and was looking for recipes and found mostly Indian sides ands dishes but this is such a great idea! What a coincidence :)!

    • foodfashionfarm

      Oh how funny! Another great use for daikon is kimchi, it’s one of my favorite ways to use it! Or even just pickled is great.


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