Eat More Plants.



While sprouts aren’t the most expensive thing to buy, I enjoy growing them at home. It’s an easy, non-messy project that takes minimal space with great results. I confess, sprouts are something I eat every day. So why not have them conveniently growing right in my kitchen? Yes please.

As well as being a welcomed addition to most of my meals, sprouts have great nutritional value. Many sprouts have cancer preventing properties (alfalfa, broccoli and clover are the best), lentil sprouts have a high protein content and radish sprouts are high in vitamin C, just to name a few benefits.

So, you can do this in a glass jar or a sprouting bag, or you could get real fancy and buy a sprouter but it’s not necessary. I have sprouting bag made from hemp fiber from the sproutman. It’s super easy to sprout your seeds this way, in my humble opinion, easier than a glass jar.

It’s important to find seeds and/or beans that are sold for sprouting as you might have trouble with germination if you use seeds/beans from the bulk foods section.

When using the sprouting bag, I soak 1/2 cup of seeds over night (fenugreek, clover & alfalfa make for a nice spicy mix). I rinse and drain them and pour them right into my sprouting bag. Soak the bag in a bowl of cool water for a few minutes and then hang it up, or leave it in an empty bowl to collect any drips. From then on, soak in water for a few minutes twice a day, 12 hours apart. You’ll see how fast they sprout and be amazed! It’s great. Usually takes about 4-5 days from the time I pour them into the sprouting bag until I eat them. Make sure to store them in a container with holes so the sprouts can breathe or you could just put the sprouting bag right in the fridge. You can see how they ate sold in grocery stores to get an idea. It helps to lightly water the sprouts each day after you store them to keep them as fresh as possible! Think of them as still growing plants.

To grow sprouts in a glass jar, first measure out 1/4-1/2 cup of seeds/beans depending on the size of the jar.
Cut a lid out of cheesecloth and secure it tightly around the mouth of the jar, rubber bands will suffice.
Let the seeds/beans soak in water over night in the jar.
Pour the water out through the cheesecloth lid and pour more water in to rinse the seeds/beans well. To ensure you drain them well it’s best to leave the jar upside down in your dish drainer for a while.
You’ll need repeat this rinsing and draining process 2-3 times a day.

The reason I like the sprouting bag better is because there’s less room for spoilage. The bag lets the sprouts breathe easily.

Happy sprouting!

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