Eat More Plants.

Best Freakin’ Pancakes Ever. [yup, there’s spinach in there!]


I should probably preface this post by stating that I am not a lover of breakfast things. Breakfast for me ideally is tea and a bunch of fruit or a smoothie/ juice. I’m not a big morning eater. In fact just yesterday I told my mom I didn’t like pancakes and her reply was, “oh I know you don’t like waffles but I thought you were ok with pancakes.” Lol. I guess when I think of pancakes I automatically think of those IHOP kind of pancakes that I had a few times in high school and made me feel like I was going to explode after I ate them. Blegh. Not for me. These pancakes are different.


Omg. Seriously, omg. I needed this today. We traveled over the weekend and today it all caught up with me…I am totally exhausted! I needed a healthy, hearty meal to pick me back up and give my body the energy I need.

I could not have asked for anything better with this lunch. Perfect.

Coincidentally, this is one of those things that everybody will devour, vegan or not.

Spinach pancakes:

3/4 c unsweetened apple sauce
3 eggs
3 flax eggs, which is 3 T ground flax seed mixed with 9 T warm water

1 ripe banana

1-2 handfuls of uncooked spinach

1 c gluten free flour, almond flour or whatever flour you prefer

Blend your spinach and apple sauce (or eggs) together until you have a smoothie consistency.
Add banana and blend well.
Pour your green mixture into a bowl and mix in your flour.
Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat.
Add a few tablespoons of coconut oil to your skillet when hot.

I use coconut oil because it’s wonderfully flavorless. It will never overpower the flavor of what you’re cooking! If you don’t want to use coconut oil, try earth balance or a cooking spray.

Pour in about 1/3 cup of batter and smooth it out with a spoon to create an even circle. The batter will be fairly thick which is why I smooth it out, otherwise it might get kind of lumpy.

Flip when you see the pancake browned and note that since you have spinach in the mix it will get a nice dark brown color and not be burnt.

Makes 5-6 pancakes.

Serve with fruit, maple syrup and a bit of coconut cream for indulgence. Coconut cream is the cream you see when you open a can of full fat coconut milk. To get the most out of your coconut cream, DON’T SHAKE THE CAN! Let it sit unopened in the fridge over night and you will have a thick layer or cream on top when you open it. Yum.



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