Eat More Plants.

Green Up.


Green Up Day in Vermont was this past Saturday. Although I admittedly spend a lot of my time greening up everywhere I go, it’s nice to see so many people making an effort together cooperatively. It’s a day for picking up trash, planting flowers and taking a moment to enjoy the earth.

Last year the green up committee did one of the most beautiful things. They planted one hundred or so daffodils cascading across a small field on the side of one of the main roads. It was such an unexpected surprise this spring when they all bloomed! I loved it.

This is my favorite green juice.

Bok choy- I know it might sound like a weird choice for juice but it has a slightly bitter, peppery flavor that actual lends well to the sweet fruit.

Pineapple- my sweet element.

Apple- golden delicious are my favorite for juicing; not to sweet and high juice content.

Lime- bright acidity.

Top with fresh mint.


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