Eat More Plants.

More Berries…


2 pounds of raspberries. 2 pounds of raspberries!! And yes, this was the year that we decided to start our own berry patches. Go figure!

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed how thick the berry canes had grown. I’m sure the roots for all these berries had been there all along and from the time that we cleared trees to start our farm, they were able to grow with the new presence of sunlight. Wild berries can grown in pretty much any soil as long as they have ample sun. The trees were so thick on that part of our property, there was no way that they would have been able to grow before.


We ate most of these right after we picked them but I did get to save a cup for a smoothie. I froze them for a few hours and blended them with some fresh apricots, basil, almond milk and a frozen banana. Topped it with my first few nasturtiums. So good. Basil in a smoothie probably sounds odd but I think basil lends itself well to sweet as much as savory. It’s great for summer desserts.

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