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Grilled Corn. [charred to perfection]


I don’t do corn often. It always seems like a pain in the ass. Have to shuck it, get the huge pot out to boil it, wait forever for it to cool down, etc, etc…I guess that’s why the handful of times in the summer I do make it, it’s a huge treat.

This is my favorite way to make corn: on the BBQ. It’s a little time consuming but it’s worth it.

First soak your corn, husks still intact, in cold water.
While the corn is soaking, heat one side of your grill on high. You’ll need a BBQ with a lid to do this. Close the lid and let the grill get hot.
Take the corn out after 5-10 minutes of soaking and put it on the side of the grill that isn’t on.
Close the lid again to let the corn steam.
After about 20 minutes, your corn should be cooked through. Take it off with tongs and remove the husks and silk.
Now put the corn on the hot side of the grill to char it. A few minutes on each side should give it enough color.
Have a large baking dish ready with butter, smoked paprika, salt, pepper and your choice of cheese. I use nutritional yeast.
Roll the hot corn around in the dish to coat it completely.


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