Eat More Plants.

Eat Well, Be Well.


My beautiful lunch of pomegranate, yellow tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and red quinoa with some Braggs ginger sesame dressing.

I finally watched “Forks Over Knives” the other day and it really cemented all the things I believe in.

Eat more fruits & vegetables. Whole foods not processed junk. Less or no meat and dairy. A healthy diet lays the groundwork for a healthy life.

The doctors that will tell you to rectify your diet rather than write a prescription and dole out a bunch of pills are few and far between.

I highly recommend taking a look at the documentary. Very insightful! And to those people that say it’s just lies and “propaganda”…who is this alleged propaganda benefiting?!! YOU! Nobody ever got sick from eating more fruit, veg and whole foods.

We started out the new year by going on a hike. Beautiful day but oooh so cold.


4 Responses to “Eat Well, Be Well.”

  1. Rörschåch

    What a beautifully plated composition. Wish I had a fork.

    I too finally watched Forks Over Knives yesterday, as well as Food Inc. After living in Europe as long as I did, I keep thinking we have the cheapest food on the planet, but it’s always the wrong food. I keep preaching about eating whole foods, but it really is easy to pick up a bag of chips. Really, too easy.


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