Eat More Plants.

Fruitful Mornings.


A frosty drink for a frosty morning.

This is a 1/2 frozen peach-banana-coconut and 1/2 raspberry-mango-grapefruit smoothie. I’ve been staying away from bananas because I feel like they fill me up too much and then I can’t eat much else for hours. I know to some people that may be a good thing but my metabolism works much better when I eat small meals all day long.

I’ve had a fruit only breakfast for the past year+ and I can say it’s definitely helped my digestion and energy throughout the day. Having something heavy in the morning like pastries, french toast or basically anything with gluten & dairy, really seems to affect me negatively when it’s my first meal.

Now let me point out that I usually have two breakfasts; breakfast meaning a meal/smoothie before noon. I find the more I fill up on healthy foods early in the day, the less chance I have of pigging out at nighttime.

I’m thinking about trying the raw till 4 concept which is fairly similar to what I do now except for the timing of it. I’ve pointed out in the past that I can’t do a completely raw food diet because it’s too hard for me to maintain my weight. I lose too much. I also think you’re better off eating some cooked veggies instead of all raw so that your body can absorb from those what it can’t from the raw.

Also, I really love quinoa and quinoa pasta…can’t do away with those!

I think it’s important to remember that there’s not one diet that will work for every body. You need to tweak things so that they work for you and make you feel the best, inside and out.

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