Eat More Plants.

Green Smoothie Lovin’


Favorite smoothie of the moment:

• Frozen bananas
• Swiss chard
• Maple syrup

A sneaky way to get those greens into your kid’s meals.

The sweetness/creaminess of the bananas masks any off-putting flavor of the chard. Personally, I like the earthy flavors of kale and swiss chard in my drinks but I know it’s not something everyone can handle. By freezing your bananas only when they are super brown and spotty, they’ll lend a lot of sweetness to your smoothies.

De-stem your chard before adding it to your blender! Save the stems for something else.

I chopped up mine, sautéed them with a little garlic and added them to a bowl of brown rice pasta & nooch.


6 Responses to “Green Smoothie Lovin’”

  1. Don F Perkins (@donfperkins)

    Hi Celine,

    Never tried maple syrup, though we’ve used honey here and there. With kale smoothies, I tend to lean toward apples for sweetness because they’re a good locally grown whole food with no processing. On occasion, I will use dates too. Another thing I like about apples or dates is adding more fiber, not just sweetness. I think you were the one that turned us on to dates in smoothies.

    We’ve yet to try our chard in a smoothie, but we’ve got a mess of it now, so we’ll give it a go!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • farmtotablelife

      Mmm yes – now that I have more apples in my house than I know what to do with…great idea!! I love apple/banana/date smoothies. Might as well add some chard 🙂


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