Eat More Plants.

Every little bit helps.

One thing I’m really enjoying about eating raw vegan is the fact that there is no waste created. Think about all the consumption that leads up to buying the meat in that little styrofoam plastic package. The cows/ chickens/ pigs need to be fed (which is a whole other ridiculous story…), sheltered, medicated, slaughtered, cleaned, pasteurized, packaged and shipped. Yuck. I’ve already stressed the importance of buying local meat so I won’t get into that again.
Bring your own bags to the grocery store too! It helps. No plastic bag waste.
If you’re buying organic local veg & fruit, you’re supporting our economy, not Mexico or Asia.
So the only waste I’ve had for the past few days are fruit and veggie scraps which is a no-brainer to get rid of…feed it to the hens!! And even if you don’t have animals to feed your scraps, you should always save uncooked fruit and veg, eggshells and paper goods to use for compost. Why bother sending it to a landfill when you can throw it in your backyard and turn it into dirt? Compost is the best nutrient you can add to your soil for gardening.
If you live in a city where you don’t have a backyard to do this, have no fear. There are programs being created that will pick up compost as well as your recyclables and garbage! The town I live in started doing this last summer. Such a great concept.

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