Eat More Plants.

Raw Food Day 3.


I love chia pudding but I’ve been using the same recipe forever. Literally. So I discovered this new winter fruit chia recipe and tried it this morning. Came out really great!

1/4 c almonds, soaked overnight
3 oranges
1 c water
3 dates
1/3 c chia seeds
Seasonal fruit for topping

Soak 1/4 c almonds in water overnight.
Drain and rinse.
Put almonds with 1 c water into blender or food processor.
Blend until very smooth, 3-4 minutes.
Strain mixture through nut milk bag.
Return milk to blender and add 3 dates.
Blend until very smooth.
Zest one orange (about 2 t of zest) and add to a medium bowl along with the date/ nut milk.
Juice 2 oranges and add to the mixture.
Mix well.
Add 1/3 c chia seeds.
Mix every 5 minutes for 15 minutes do that the seeds don’t get clumpy.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Top with your favorite winter fruits!

2 Responses to “Raw Food Day 3.”

  1. Mogatos

    Looks yummy! Where do you get your chia seeds? I don’t think I’ve seen them at the store. Do you get them from a specialty place or online? Or do you have a chia pet? 🙂

    • foodfashionfarm

      Haha I wish I had a chia pet! I get them from my local co-op, which is the one grocery store I can find EVERYTHING vegan and raw you could ever possibly think of. You can probably order them online if you can’t find them at a specialty store.


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