Eat More Plants.

Pancakes for Dinner. [featuring fresh figs & balsamic]


Easiest recipe ever.

I don’t really go by the laws of breakfast, lunch and dinner. I eat whatever strikes my creativity at the moment.

This morning I had a HUGE bowl of beans and rice and now for dinner I’m having pancakes and figs…!

So here is a super simple pancake recipe that even the most kitchen impaired can make and enjoy.

These gorgeous california figs caught my eye (not local but hey, I’m not perfect) and I decided to pair them with some reduced balsamic and maple syrup. Figs and balsamic are AMAZING. An unrivaled combination.


1 c flour
2 T baking powder
Pinch of salt
1 c milk (any kind)
2 T grapeseed oil (or any flavorless oil you have on hand)
Optional – 1 T sugar

Sift dry ingredients together.
Add milk and oil and whisk until smooth.
Heat a large skillet over medium/ medium-low heat.
Spray your pan with some cooking oil if it’s not non-stick.
Pour 1/3 cup of batter in for each pancake.
Wait until you see bubbles to flip!

These are the fluffiest pancakes I’ve had in a long time. Yum.

To reduce balsamic vinegar, just warm it over very low heat for 8-12 minutes until it coats the back if a spoon. Thick enough to stay where you want it on the plate but not over reduced where it becomes like a glue. Very low heat is the key.

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