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Coconut Lime Fudge Pie.


I had planned on making some raw cashew fudge and was trying to come up with a combination I hadn’t tried before. I was thinking coconut vanilla? And then I realized I was out of vanilla beans. Damn. Ok next plan…coconut lime? I felt like it would need something more though, like a slightly salty & sweet crusty element.


I parlayed that coconut lime fudge into a fudge pie. Is there such a thing as fudge pie? Well, there is now.

And of course, strawberries are in peak season so I had to include them also.

I am a huge fan of combining salty and sweet. If you’re not, feel free to leave the salt out!

This recipe makes 6 mini pies.

1 c pecans
5 or 6 soft medjool dates
1/8 t salt

Pulse all ingredients together until crumbly. Mixture should hold together when squeezed in your hand.
Press firmly into the bottom of 6 cupcake liners. The crust should be about 1/4 inch thick.
Place in the freezer until the filling is ready.

1 c raw cashews
3/4 c unsweetened shredded coconut
3-4 T maple syrup
1/3 c lime juice
2-3 t lime zest
1 1/2 T coconut oil, warmed

Process the coconut until it becomes a fine meal.
Add cashews, maple syrup and lime juice. Blend until smooth. You will have to occasionally stop and scrape down the sides to make sure everything is combined well.
Once you have essentially made cashew butter, add the rest of the ingredients adjusting the maple syrup and lime zest to your taste.
Blend until completely smooth.
Pour on top of your cold crust and press down to flatten out. I actually couldn’t pour the fudge because it was too thick, I had to scoop it out with a spatula.

To add a little extra pop to your dessert, add some fresh strawberries, very thinly sliced on top and press down so they are stuck into the fudge.
You could use raspberries or blackberries here as well; just smash them into a paste and then spoon on top. You may want to sweeten your berries if they are tart since your fudge already has a decent amount of tartness from the lime. A sprinkle of coconut sugar or maple syrup would do fine.

Freeze for 20 minutes before eating.

Any leftovers will last in the freezer, just be sure to let them defrost for 15-20 minutes before eating.


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