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Another Day, Another Cucumber.


Cucumbers remind me of summer on so many levels. I put them in everything; my breakfast, my drinks, my salads and anywhere else I can squeeze them in. They are truly versatile. They are great for making rolls and I’m pretty sure I posted about cucumber rolls a few months back but it never hurts to post again, especially when it’s something this good!

I always go for the long, European cucumbers which are usually close to seedless. The length makes them easy to slice into strips on a mandolin and use for rolling. I planted an heirloom variety this year which I’m super excited about harvesting. I also planted lemon cucumbers and some plain old pickling cukes too.

So find the longest, most seedless cucumbers possible, grab your mandolin and pick your filling.

The thinner you can slice the cucumber the easier it is to roll.

I usually go with some herbs, carrots, bell pepper strips, quinoa, cabbage, etc…and I also added scapes (garlic tops) this time to switch things up.

Lay down your cucumber strips, making sure to overlap each halfway, and make a surface about 6-7 inches wide. Give yourself ample room to load up the filling.

If you’re using rice or quinoa, lay it down first and even it out to make a flat base.

Lay all your veggies on top and roll tightly. Stick toothpicks in to help it hold together. It gets kind of messy eating this so I usually cut it in half and roll the bottom end tighter to create an ice cream cone shape so that nothing falls out the bottom.

Soy sauce with some lime or lemon works great for dipping. Add some mirin for sweetness and sriracha for heat if desired.


2 Responses to “Another Day, Another Cucumber.”

  1. More Than Greens

    What a great idea! These look amazing! 🙂


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