Eat More Plants.

Banana Bowl.


Or: My love affair with bananas.

I always have a giant freezer bag full of chopped bananas. At ALL times. Sliced bananas will freeze faster than a whole banana (remember to peel before freezing). I usually just bend them in half and toss them in a ziplock bag. They should take about 8 hours to freeze thoroughly.

Blend 3 frozen bananas, 1 c fresh baby spinach and 1/3 c water, as needed. Add a touch of maple syrup, a few dates or coconut sugar if your bananas weren’t sweet enough.

Optional: add a chunk of ripe avocado or a scoop of coconut cream to make it extra creamy.

Freeze in a plastic container until firm enough (to your liking).
Some days I like to drink it as a smoothie but you can freeze it to get more of an ice cream texture.

Top with your favorite goodies: berries, nuts, seeds & coconut.

Makes about 2 cups of banana cream.



2 Responses to “Banana Bowl.”

  1. healthonsale

    Delicious! I love making smoothies with frozen bananas, but I’m going to have to try freezing it for ice cream later!


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