Eat More Plants.

Raw Food Day 7.


Cooking vegan or raw vegan doesn’t have to be boring. You definitely need some kitchen skills and equipment to make it interesting though. Some of the things I’ve made in the past few days have been so good, I’ll definitely be making them again and again.

I’ve always used vegenaise over mayo, it’s healthier and it tastes exactly the same so why not? There are a bunch of different varieties too: soy free, organic, raw and some combination of all three. I usually mix in some garlic powder or fresh grated garlic, salt, white pepper and some fresh herbs. Today I used fresh dill and it was SO delish. It goes great with everything! The flax seed “crackers” are really good too. They’re raw and they make them in a dehydrator.

2 Responses to “Raw Food Day 7.”

  1. onixj

    oh wow do you have a recipe for flax seed crackers? and/or for the mayo? or do you buy already made? in which case what brand do you recommend?

    • foodfashionfarm

      Hi! So the flax seed crackers are aptly named flackers (lol) and are made by “doctor in the kitchen”. Really yummy. If I had a dehydrator I’d make them myself! The vegenaise is made by a great solar powered company called “follow your heart”. I usually mix in whatever I’m in the mood for. It works wonderfully as a neutral, creamy base. Hope you enjoy!


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