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Strawberries in Many Forms.


I finally used the 20+ year old dehydrator that was sitting stagnant in my parents house to make fruit leather.

I drank my weight in strawberry juice yesterday and saved all the pulp to use just for this! I hate to throw out the pulp from my juicer but there’s only so many pulp burgers I can eat in a week, lol. (which is why I’m investing in a vitamix next month…no waste!)


We went strawberry picking over the weekend at Harlow’s in Putney, VT. The past few summers, it’s been our favorite place for raspberries & strawberries.

There’s really no secret to making fruit leather. I mixed a cup of strawberry pulp with a teaspoon or two of maple syrup and spread it out on parchment paper. Set it in the middle rack of my dehydrator for 8 hours, flipped it and let it finish for about another two hours. I would like to find some nice silpat to use in there…hey, help me!


4 Responses to “Strawberries in Many Forms.”

  1. mackmarie

    Reblogged this on mackmarie and commented:
    I would love to get a dehydrator to do something like this! Fruit leathers are so expensive at the grocery store. This is a genius idea

  2. Crista

    i’ve never purchased a dehydrator because i’m terrified i would never actually use it… you’ve inspired me however. the strawberries look tasty!

  3. Robin Morgan

    Is it me or is C. flipping you the bird up there with your juice pic? I never thought to make strawberry juice, it looks delish! We had a hard time picking at Harlow’s this year – there was like a jungle of weeds!! Heard Lilac Ridge has a great crop this year, maybe we’ll make it up there before the season ends…

    • farmtotablelife

      Hahaha yea I secretly thought it was hilarious. And yes I know, Harlows was difficult this year. There’s got to be another two weeks or so left for picking, we should go for a playgroup!


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