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Raw Chocolate Mousse.


I am a sucker for local fruit. I saw these shiny, red currants at the farmers market and knew immediately I had to have them. Blueberries too because why the hell not.


As good as they were by themselves, I knew I could pair them with something rich and creamy to make a great dessert.

I thought back to one of the first raw vegan desserts I made: raw cacao mousse. The dark, rich, full flavored creaminess of the mousse would pair perfectly with the tart and bright notes of the berries, especially the currants.

This mousse is a cinch to make and the more high powered your blender is, the lighter and fluffier your mousse will be. A smooth consistency is key here, so not to distract from the pop of the berries.


1 c raw, organic cashews, soaked for at least 6 hours, drained and rinsed well
1/4 c water
3 T maple syrup or liquid sweetener of your choice
3 T raw cacao, carob or cocoa powder, sifted
Pinch of fine grain salt

Blend all ingredients, stopping to scrape down the sides if necessary.
Add a tablespoon (or two) more of water if needed to get your mixture to blend better.
Blend until smooth.
Taste and add more sweetener if desired.
Layer with berries, sour ones work best to balance the sweetness of the mousse.
Strawberries, blueberries, currants, blackberries or black raspberries would all work great here. Experiment with what’s in season or whatever you have on hand.
I added a tablespoon of dried coconut flakes; toasting your coconut will let it hold up better if you don’t plan on eating this right away.



2 Responses to “Raw Chocolate Mousse.”

    • farmtotablelife

      Trial and error! It’s just matter of finding the right consistency. If you google raw chocolate mousse, you’ll find a lot of recipes. These proportions are what I think gets the best texture. A lot of them use agave which I’m not a fan of. I opt for pure maple syrup, homemade if I can help it!


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