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Greens & Quinoa Rolls.


I’m not sure why I don’t do this all the time, but it helps my collard green (or any green) rolls stay together SO much better when I wrap them with rice paper on the outside.

It creates an extra layer of reinforcement so I can cut them into sushi size pieces and they don’t completely fall apart.

Collard greens are my favorite raw green wrap. Just remember to cut the middle rib out of the leaves so it’s easier to roll. The tighter you can roll it, the better they will hold up.

I cooked quinoa in veggie stock and rolled it with chopped radicchio, bell peppers and cucumber. Made a quick dipping sauce of brown rice syrup, soy sauce and lime juice.

If I’d had a ripe avocado I would have rolled it in there as well…!

8 Responses to “Greens & Quinoa Rolls.”

  1. Terry

    Love the idea – I’ve tried using raw organic collards as wraps several times – find them to have a nasty after taste – any suggestions?

    • farmtotablelife

      Maybe try a different green? Kale, swiss chard or cabbage work well but I would quickly blanch each leaf to soften them before rolling. Maybe try blanching the collard green too and that might change the flavor. It might just be that you don’t like the raw collard green flavor! 🙂

  2. Move Eat Create

    These are beautiful! I always love the looks of these and love the taste when I get them elsewhere – but I never make them at home. I must change that immediately!

  3. Dawn H.

    These look fantastic! I’d love to add some pickled vegetable in there, like banana peppers 🙂


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