Eat More Plants.

Raw Food Ideas.

I ate SO many bananas in the first few days of my raw till 4 trial. The lady at the checkout in the grocery store looked at me kind of funny but I guess it’s not as weird as buying 50 packs of hot dogs or 50 jars of mayonnaise right?!

I’m loving having the banana as a fall back option if I’m hungry and in need of a quick fix. I’ve been carrying a bunch around with me in the car too, so I’m not tempted to stop and grab a latte and croissant at the bakery when passing by….

I made raw tacos today for my lunch #1 (yes, I have more than one lunch…). If you remember to soak some walnuts the night before, this literally takes 5 minutes to put together!



I used some toffuti cream cheese as a cashew cream replacement simply because I haven’t bought cashews in a while. I’ve been on a walnut thing lately. Obviously, a spoon of toffuti cream cheese isn’t raw but not a big deal in my opinion. As long as you’re not slathering it on whatever you’re eating or eating spoonfuls of it straight from the container, it’s ok.

Here is the link to my Raw Taco recipe.


2 Responses to “Raw Food Ideas.”

  1. Sofia // Papaya Pieces

    I would never look at anyone funny for buying so many bananas (on the contrary, you get my thumbs up! 🙂 ) though I might do so for 50 jars of mayonnaise…


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